The FATCA app is specially designed to help professionals affected by the withholding tax provisions of Title V of the US HIRE Act – also known as FATCA.

The FATCA app provides project timers for key fixed FATCA issues, project management timers for your own FATCA project deadlines, documentation to help you plan your project more effectively and useful tools, such as our interactive “Is Your Client American?” test.

FATCA is extremely complex and the IRS is still consulting with the industry to develop further guidance on how the regulations should be interpreted. The FATCA app is your route to keeping up to date with the latest information and solutions, direct to your iPhone or iPad.



FATCA Events

FATCA Events contains the key regulatory deadlines as set out in Title V of the HIRE Act and any subsequent advisories issued by the IRS e.g. Notice 2010-60.


My FATCA allows you to create, edit and delete events for your own FATCA project, enabling you to create and describe all the internal deadlines associated with the project.

My Events

My Events provides you with space for any personal or professional events without cluttering up your FATCA related events.


Documents provides you with a wealth of information and resources including:

  • The text of the HIRE Act
  • Subsequent Notices
  • Training courses
  • Document flow diagrams
  • Details of commercial solutions available to solve many of the operational and compliance problems associated with FATCA


Tools features our brand new, interactive “Is Your Client American?” test, which enables you to determine whether the IRS would consider a specific individual or entity to be an American.

Why Do I Need This App?

FATCA will affect you no matter where you are in the world.  The FATCA events in this app are fixed times when the US expects action.  The FATCA app uses your local timezone settings to display these events to you in a local and therefore meaningful way.  If you change your timezone, the local time for the events will change with you.  The time remaining until the event will not change, as the actual time of the event has not changed. For example, a deadline at 00:00 EST will appear as 05:00 on a device in the London timezone (GMT).

Any events you create in the My FATCA and My Events sections will be set by the local timezone at the time of creation and then displayed appropriately if you move timezones.

No matter how much you travel, the FATCA app will help you keep track of how much time you really have to meet your key deadlines.

Get the FATCA App Now

The FATCA App is available for any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 3.2 or above. Just search for “FATCA” on the iTunes App Store on your device.

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