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Tweet Buzzword Bingo

Love playing Buzzword Bingo?

Now you can play it on Twitter with Tweet Buzzword Bingo.

A perfect game for conferences, workshops and meetings, Tweet Buzzword Bingo can help you to stimulate discussion and raise awareness of your event on Twitter via your event hashtag.

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Get your audience tweeting…


How To Play



Choose up to 16 hot buzzwords.


Specify your hash tag.


Ask your participants to tweet about what they hear at your event.


Every time one of them includes one of your chosen buzzwords in their tweet, the game will alert you. Keep the audience updated to motivate competitiveness throughout the event.


Whoever tweets the most buzzwords, wins the game!

Twitter Buzzword Bingo is a really useful tool for amplified and hybrid events. It is a great way to stimulate delegates to tweet and really gets the online discussions going in a fun way.
Kirsty Pitkin @eventamplifier




Uses for Tweet Buzzword Bingo

Tweet Buzzword Bingo can be used at conferences, workshops, informal meetings and seminars to help stimulate online discussion and promote the event via the event hashtag. It can also be played with groups of friends or students using a dedicated hashtag. Just challenge your audience to a game and watch them compete to become the event’s best Twitterer.

You can see a demonstration of an early development version of Tweet Buzzword Bingo in action in this video presentation, in which Kirsty Pitkin discusses amplified and hybrid events.

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You can follow Tweet Buzzword Bingo on Twitter @tweetbuzzbingo for updates about the app and examples of innovative uses of the game.
If you use Tweet Buzzword Bingo at an event, please tweet us send us a link so we can promote your event.

Get Tweet Buzzword Bingo

Tweet Buzzword Bingo is available for any iPad touch running iOS 5.0 or above. Just search for “Tweet Buzzword Bingo” the on iTunes App Store on your device.

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